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Massage in Warsaw

We invite you to our Tao Tao SPA salon – massage in Warsaw, thanks to which you will be transferred to the genuine balinese SPA. Our therapists from Bali reign supreme in this atmospheric SPA in Warsaw. Certified therapists from Bali give 100% confidence that by choosing a balinese massage in Warsaw (Mokotów or Ursynów) or Thai massage in Warsaw, your massage will be at the highest level.

You can be sure that your visit in Tao Tao SPA – Massage in Warsaw, will be unforgettable and will be in accordance with the spirit and atmosphere of Balinese traditions. From calming traditional balinese music to the floating scent of oriental incense sticks and aromatic oils – you will be transported to the Balinese heaven in Warsaw (Mokotów, Ursynów) or Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Konstancin Jeziorna, Józefów, Radom or Łódź. At the end of your visit, you will be able to sit in the Relax Zone and drink traditional thai tea. Thanks to Tao Tao SPA – Massage in Warsaw, you will move to the land of relaxation and well-being.

Each of our massages, including thai massage in Warsaw and balinese massage in Warsaw, is performed by experienced masseuses from Bali. We put at your disposal as many as five separate offices in SPA in Warsaw. We have two double rooms for you (massage for two, massage for a couple, double massage), as well as single rooms (including Thai massage in Warsaw, Balinese massage in Warsaw, Ayurvedic massage, relaxing massage and oriental massage). Our specialty is Balinese massage or Thai massage.

The selected oriental massage will allow you to relax and transfer to the climate of Bali. The massage in Warsaw is performed in candlelight, to the sounds of relaxing music and the aroma of essential oils.

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MON – FRI – 12-21,

SAT – SUN – 11-20.

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Narbutta 83, Warsaw


Stryjeńskich 6/1c, Warsaw


ul. Telimeny 1, Józefów

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Bolesława Prusa 30, Konstancin-Jeziorna


ul. 3 Maja 74, Grodzisk Mazowiecki


Adama Mickiewicza 10, Radom

Thai Massage Warsaw

Classic Thai Massage in Warsaw (Traditional Thai Massage in Warsaw) belongs to oriental massages and is a type of deep massage. Thai Massage in Warsaw covers the whole body (excluding intimate areas). Just before the massage, you will be asked to put on loose, traditional clothing for Thai Massage in Warsaw. We do not use any oil for this massage.

First, the masseuse will indicate the bed on which you should lie down in the prone position. Then the masseuse will start a thai massage in Warsaw, massaging the feet, legs, back, arms, hands, neck and head in turn. Later, you will be asked to change your position to your back, where your feet, legs, arms, hands, face and head will be massaged in the same way. Thai massage Warsaw (Thai massage Ursynów Warsaw, massage Mokotów Warsaw, massage Grodzisk Mazowiecki) has strong healing and pro-health properties. Regardless of your age and your physical fitness, you can take advantage of the classic Thai massage in Warsaw. Our experienced therapists will adjust the pressure force to your preferences, making the classic Thai massage an experience for you that you will gladly return to. The therapist will adjust her Thai massage technique and strength according to your body.

Classic Thai massage will make you: you will get rid of the bothersome back pain, you will get rid of the annoying feeling of the so-called blockages in your muscles and joints, you will unload tense muscles and relax joints and tendons, you will improve the functioning of your lymphatic system, blood circulation and increase the range of your movement. Classic Thai massage in Warsaw is the perfect solution for people who appreciate a strong, effective massage that has a beneficial effect on the whole body. The power of Thai massage at Tao Tao Spa – SPA in Warsaw, is always tailored to the client’s needs. Thai massage in Warsaw Mokotów, Warsaw Ursynów and massage in Grodzisk Mazowiecki – make an appointment online now.

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Balinese Massage Warsaw

Oriental Balinese massage in Warsaw belongs to the group of oriental massages and covers the whole body (excluding intimate areas).

Balinese massage in Warsaw is first performed dry in order to accustom the body to the touch. Then, the masseuse will start a massage with the use of warm coconut oil, massaging the legs, back, neck, shoulders, head and hands in turn. During the Oriental Balinese massage in Warsaw, you will be asked to change your position on your back, where you will massage your legs and feet, massage your neck, hands, hands, head and face.

Balinese massage Warsaw is one of the most relaxing oriental massages. Thanks to the Balinese massage in Warsaw, the body and mind are put into a state of blissful relaxation and relief. The oriental Balinese massage in Warsaw offered at Tao Tao Spa – SPA Warsaw is a deeply relaxing massage that reduces the burdensome feeling of stress and tension that is so easy to experience in everyday life.

Our goal is to reduce your fatigue and sleep problems after a Balinese massage in Warsaw performed by one of our therapists from Asia. Balinese massage also supports the regulation of the endocrine system, affects the metabolism, and – which is very important – helps to combat muscle tension and back pain. Even after one session of Balinese massage in Warsaw, you will reduce back, shoulder and neck pain. Due to the fact that the Balinese massage is performed with the use of heated coconut oil, your body after the Balinese massage will be perfectly moisturized and your skin will take on colors.

We recommend Balinese massage to all those living in permanent stress, tired of everyday life, working at a desk or in an uncomfortable position, as well as to those who simply … miss the paradise Bali!


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